Hyundai Tucson - A Well-Equipped Value Vehicle

With the price of vehicles increasing every year, consumers are looking for good value vehicles, which is exactly how one could describe the Hyundai Tucson, a popular crossover SUV. Stop at Star Hyundai to see the new Hyundai Tucson and speak with our salespeople. Any questions you have, they can answer.

The Hyundai Tucson has so many options that make it special. With the choice of the 1.6L Turbo GDI engine or the 2.0L 4-cylinder engine; the 7-speed dual-clutch transmission or 6-speed automatic transmission; and the ever-so-convenient All-Wheel drive, the Hyundai Tucson provides a smooth yet powerful ride that’s just plain fun. The Tucson is also compatible with Apple and Android phones, so technology can travel with you.

Sometimes you just have to see it to believe it, so visit our new Hyundai showroom, check out the various models and take the 2018 Hyundai Tucson out for a test drive.



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