When Should You Repair Your Brake Pads?

You have a split-second to brake. What happens if your brakes do not work? It may be because your brake pads have become too worn for your brakes to work properly. Most cars have two or three different types of brakes. This includes a disc brake, which is when the driver steps on the brake pedal and a pad clamps down on the brake disc to make it slow down.

Do you notice your brakes grinding or making a squeaking noise when you press down? This can be an indicator that your brake pads have worn down significantly. There may also be small cracks or uneven wear on the pad surface. You will likely have to replace your brake pads every 50,000 miles depending on the make and model of your car.

There are many reasons why brake pads can go bad. Typically, this is from normal wear and tear, but there can be water leakage or worn use due to a heavy foot. In most cases, you can just replace the pads, but in other cases where extreme wear has caused issues, you can replace rotors and pads as well. You can visit Star Hyundai located here in Abilene, Texas to get help with your brakes for a great rate.

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