High-Performance Alternator May Help Battery Keep Charging in Extreme Cold

Living in some parts of America can mean extremely cold winters, and this weather outlier may wreak havoc on your car battery. Frigid weather tends to reduce a battery’s overall capacity; even a new battery can find itself functioning way below 100 percent. In addition, starter motors demand more as do a car’s other accessories.

You may want to consider a high-performance alternator to help keep you on the road during cold winters. Such a system can help a cold-challenged charging system keep up with the starts and stops as well as the constant use of windshield wipers battling falling snow or hail and headlights fighting the early nightfall.

Let our Hyundai service technicians at Star Hyundai put their years of experience to good use. Our team can suggest a high-performance alternator or simply service or replace a battery to ensure that you don’t find yourself helpless in a winter jam.

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