Seasonal Service Time is Here Once Again

Getting to the car dealership for servicing on your vehicle this time of year benefits you and your vehicle in more ways than one. These are a few of the things to consider when having the car serviced now.

+ The air and fuel filters can get inspected, cleaned, and replaced if they are worn out.

+ The oil change can get performed and the proper grade for this time of year can get added.

+ The tires are going to be carefully inspected before they all get rotated.

+ If the car is not driving straight, a front-end alignment can get provided.

+ Fluids throughout will be flushed and replaced with better grade.

+ Your car battery can get tested and replace with an OEM part that is designed to handle the conditions of the new season.

Come by Star Hyundai so we can inspect, maintain, and make any necessary repairs to your vehicle.

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