A Look at What Dashboard Warning Lights Mean

The lights on your dashboard usually warn you against malfunctions in your car. When the warning light comes on, then park somewhere safe and have a look at your handbook if you’re not sure what the lights stands for. Here are a few examples of specific warning lights and the steps to take.

  • Diesel Particulate Filter: It’s never an indication of something serious, though it should not be ignored. Your vehicle automatically empties the DPF on long journeys, however on shot journeys it becomes impossible. Drive for ten minutes at a speed of over 40 miles per hour and it will clear the blockage. If the light does not disappear, call our team at Star Hyundai or visit us right away.
  • Engine Warning Light: Slow down until the light goes off. Stop and turn off the engine, and then call us for a checkup
  • Continuous Engine Warning Lights: Switch off your engine for around two minutes, then restart the engine again. If no change, give us a call to avoid damaging your catalytic converter

Schedule service with our team today to have us take a look at your warning lights and to address the respective issues!

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